We have produced a series of analyses and reflections in response to the question about the real existence of the words disobedience and obedience and the limits of both. The reflections were developed through two performances in May 2018

ART IN FREEDOM REVIEW (in the historical centre of Udine on 12 May 2018)

From the Futurist Movement of the early 1900s to the era of fake news. It was a travelling exhibit in the historical centre of Udine made by actors, dancers, and performers.

EXHIBITIONS IN MOVEMENT (at Museo Casa Cavazzini in Udine on 13 May 2018)

It was a figurative representation in a theatrical-expository form that was inspired by Futurist transgressions, assuming in this way current expressions of active disobedience. It was a juxtaposition of languages that led to the creation of a common multidisciplinary interaction (reading, reflection, acting, video, music, dance).


The Malignani school participated in Udine Design Weekin March 2018. It is an event that involves the city of Udine in a festival of meetings, exhibitions and events aimed at enhancing quality, creativity, and originality. The theme of UDW18 was "links, plots, connections" and was interpreted by all classes of Malignani (by students aged between 14 and 19), through an Exhibition_Event called “Promenade design”We opened to the public the connecting corridor to the various processing departments on 7 March. This hallway was set up with the exhibition of iconic and design objects representative of each department. It was a promenade with seven stages where models and samples, phrases and ad hoc quotations, materials, and tools significant for form, function and meaning were compared for the first time. The exhibition layout was made with recycled materials and display supports. The project was conceived and coordinated by the teacher Ofelia Croatto. The students welcomed the visiting guests during the walk, also enriching the route with descriptions and thematic anecdotes.