The project included two events on the Futurist Movement that took place in May 2017.

Reflective space (at the Oratory of Christ in Udine on 12/05/2017, connected to the edition "Vicino Lontano 2017")

Architect Renato Rizzi, professor Marco Maria Tosolini and university students Ludovica Battaglia and Tommaso Piani discussed the historical-cultural dynamics that gave birth to Futurism and the possible similarities with current artistic movements.

Event_Show (at the A. Malignani school in Udine on 20/05/2017) 

This is the realization of a show on Futurism that highlighted the history of the movement animated by Marinetti in the early 1900s. The representation of paintings was enriched by sketches conceived, elaborated, and represented by young students, who gave voice to the manifestos of the movement. Poems, literary experiments, and onomatopoeic puns alternated with orchestrated sounds and live musical compositions, as well as aero-futurist dances. Futurist sets and restyling accompanied the reading and tasting of gastronomic recipes. There were also documentary moments concerning the historical context of the period.