In_Utile is the motto that has accompanied us in a series of creative and productive activities, which began with an installation at Udine Design Week 2019 at the Malignani school and ended with a theatrical performance at theHangar in Trieste in December 2019.

The installation "InUtile" was made with waste materials from factories and technical laboratories. Its aim was to reuse and transform the materials and their forms by searching for their intrinsic value in new contexts. The weavings were made by contrasting drawn iron, metal plates and green areas created with moss. The materials have been assembled in geometric textures, thus referring to the symbolism of the triangle-square-circle. The industrial origin of the materials created plays of light and reflections given by the brilliance of the metal and the opacity of rust, thus enhancing the original colours and those due to the passage of time. For this reason, new projects and exploration in new disciplinary contexts are needed.

The observer was invited to reflect on our way of understanding the things around us and on nature, using puns with opposing terms such as nature/artifice, useful/useless and art/industry. Nature is now more compressed, abandoned or undervalued than ever before; at the same time industrial and technological waste is increasingly abundant and cumbersome.

The project was selected for the Street Art section by the City of Venice because it dealt with very topical issues. It was exhibited at the 58th Venice Biennale (from June to October 2019).

In autumn 2019 it was winner of the 1st prize "Storie di Alternanza" by the Chamber of Commerce of Udine and Pordenone, also receiving the national special mention at the Verona Job&Orienta fair.