The cultural association Fare identifies itself with “Fare un'Idea” (“To shape an idea”), a project realised through a program started in 2016 that involved some students from schools (between 14 and 19 years old) and universities. Through this experience we have organized a series of conceptual and laboratory activities that are still active and in continuous evolution. 

The group works on the research of new project organograms,where the single thematic idea takes the part of a wholeIt makes use of the collaboration-cooperation of single entities, as well as the network, models, and communication systems. 

The exhibitions, installations and performances represent the "completed" products that will stimulate synergies between the different worlds of culture, business, and communication. 

The planning process evolves starting from a mental idea and it is performed through operations, with the aim of achieving a suitable production plan.

Research and innovation support sustainability and functionality, characteristics that must dialogue with beauty and aesthetic essence. However, it is important to highlight the fact that "doing" is not limited to a conceptual planning action, but it is a "doing with the hands", thus shaping and creating prototypes. In this way it is possible to experience "physically" the transformation of materials into completed objects. 

This helps to develop creative processes and find solutions to problems. 

Furthermore, we aim not to preclude any research solutions, indeed we also experiment with visionary solutions thus expanding our vision towards new models of creativity.