Explorations is a developing environment of experimental teaching experiences inside and outside the School. These are characterised by an experiential approach that aims to develop Knowledge that is understood in an unlimited sense. It is therefore a multidisciplinary knowledge that is not subject to evaluation, without distinction of roles between those who train and those who are learning.

Didactic learning activities are carried out together by students, teachers and cultural operators and involve all areas of knowledge. We identify a theme to investigate using the structure of the meta-planning laboratory

The school needs a didactic innovationand a real connection between the different subjects, for this reason we propose a synergic action on two fronts. At school the programmes of the different subjects can converge into a single "overall discipline" capable of educating to the relationship between knowledge. On the other hand, in the extra-curricular context the action can develop through the planning and realisation of "multidisciplinary" initiatives (events, exhibitions, discussion spaces, multimedia interventions) that arise from cooperation and teamwork between the "two worlds".

It will be possible to create a space open to debate and comparison between research and training experiences, with the aim of offering new possibilities of educational richness for the near future. 

Promuoverne l’esperienza, soprattutto per e con le giovani generazioni, significa offrire nuove e promettenti possibilità di ricchezza formativa per il prossimo futuro.